Chicken Linguini with Red Pepper Alfredo

With limited time after work, I have begun trying various frozen dinners that can be prepared quickly. On a recent outing to Pick ‘n Save I ran across a selection of Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers.


The photo on the box is very nice, giving you the impression of equal parts broccoli spears and grilled chicken on a bed of linguini noodles that are covered with a creamy red pepper alfredo sauce. Like what it says on the box.


The sauce is separated from the rest of the ingredients by the packaging and, as you can tell by the second picture, some creative license was taken by the folks at Healthy Choice. The ratio of chicken to broccoli is not equal.

The meal heats up in a matter of minutes and when you peel the plastic film back you have a pile of broccoli and noodles, some chicken and sauce.


The broccoli is good, still crisp and flavorful. The chicken is ok, kind of bland for something with 520mg of sodium. The sauce is thin andalso bland, having chunks of red pepper but no hint of parmesan like you would expect in an alfredo sauce.

As far as meals go, this one is ok if you are looking for a broccoli dish. I ended up grating some parmesan over the meal to give it some flavor.

In the future, I will pass on this frozen dinner. Although filling, it is watery and lacks flavor.