Brazil Canaan Estate

My oldest daughter bought me a coffee sampler with sixteen offerings ranging from light to dark roasts. The coffees are packaged nicely in craft paper (with a metal liner) and a zip lock so you can make one cup at a time, or use the whole packet to make a fresh pot.

The Brazil Canaan Estate is beautiful medium roast coffee from the folks at @MiddleForkRoasters out of Seattle. When I first opened it there was a hint of chocolate and I almost thought it was a flavored coffee offering. After that initial aroma, the more usual earthy notes greeted my nose. A hint of sugar, nutty scents and the scent of vegetation.

The coffee that brewed up from these grounds is a deep, rich reddish brown liquid that is wonderful to pass over your tongue. I like to brew my coffee on the strong side and this roast did not disappoint me. This coffee would go well on it’s own or along with a sweet or with a savory meal.

Definitely a coffee I will be ordering in the future.

I would recommend this coffee to anyone who appreciates a good cup.

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