HELLO FRESH – Chicken Sausage Rigatoni

With snow falling, and the temperature with it, I decided to make this creamy pasta dish from @HelloFresh.

From the start of prep to sitting down to eat was about twenty minutes. Not bad for a weeknight meal and it gives you plenty of time to make a salad or add a vegetable.

The protein for this meal kit is a bulk sweet chicken sausage that has little fat and sticks to everything unless you use oil. It browns nicely though and has good flavor.

The rigatoni works well with the sauce and, when cooked al dente, provides nice texture to the dish. The large profile allows meat and bell pepper to get trapped within the pasta.

The creamy pink sauce is a combination is a combination of tomato paste and cream sauce base. I did a quick search on the @HelloFresh website and could not find what “Cream Sauce Base” was exactly. The addition of chili flakes gives it a spicy kick and warmth. After adding the Italian seasoning though, the sauce went from being smooth and creamy to almost gritty. The little flecks of dried herbs made it feel like I was eating grit instead of cream.

This meal kit was extremely easy to make, taking roughly 20 minutes to complete. I added some roasted garlic to it for some more flavor. If I ever make this recipe, or one like it, I will leave the Italian seasoning out and risk a possible flavor reduction in favor of a texture improvement.

The Meal Kit comes out to about $8.99 per person. If you add a salad and garlic bread it goes up to around $10.00 per person. Not a bad deal to have everything you need delivered to your door.

I would recommend this @HelloFresh meal kit to anyone.

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