HELLO FRESH – Disclaimer

I thought that I should mention something since I intend to do a number of @HelloFresh reviews over the coming weeks. This is the second time I have signed up for the @HelloFresh Meal Kit program.

Why the second time?


The produce sucked and it seemed like @HelloFresh did not care if I got produce I could use for the recipe or, if I even got the correct items for the meals I had ordered.

My first experience with the @HelloFresh Meal Kits was disappointing. Squishy tomatoes, brown green beans, and carrots so limp Viagra could not have saved them. There was the time the protein was missing from the kit or the time I did not receive any recipe cards with the meal kits.

While the customer service was very good, the inconveniences were annoying. @HelloFresh gave me a credit for missing items and their recipes are available online. That doesn’t change how annoying it was that I could not make the meal I had planned too or, had to spend extra time hunting for a recipe.

After multiple weeks of this, I finally said screw it and cancelled my subscription.

The folks @HelloFresh began emailing me in about one week, asking me to come back. I waited about a month before I tried the subscription again. So far there have been no screwups. The produce has been great, all the proteins have been in the kits, and the recipe cards have been included.

So the second time around I would have to recommend @HelloFresh for a Meal Kit program. The recipes are varied, the quality of the ingredients is excellent, and the time it saves me each week make it well worth the cost.

I would recommend @HelloFresh to anyone.

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