HELLO FRESH – Juicy Lucy Burgers

As you have probably guessed, I have subscribed to the @HelloFresh meal kit
service. This program has helped me to plan out my weekly meals and is not much
more expensive than if I had gone grocery shopping and done all the meal
planning myself. If you apply an accurate value to your personal time, you will
come out ahead.

These burgers were easy to make and, by adding a tossed salad and/or some
roasted corn you can easily turn this into a full meal. The burger is stuffed
with cheddar cheese and is seasoned with a fry seasoning that you receive in
the meal kit. Taking some time to form the two burgers so the patties are large
and dimpled in the middle will keep them from turning into hockey pucks while
they cook.

The tomato onion jam only takes about ten minutes to prepare and is a
genuinely nice compliment to the burger. It has a sweet and tangy flavor
profile which goes well with the meatiness of the burger and really gives the
meal a sophisticated lift.

A second sauce, for the burger and to dip the potato wedges is made by
combining the mayonnaise, sour cream, and roasted garlic. The sauce is good but
becomes much better when it has a chance to blend overnight. One of the perks
of each meal kit making two portions is that I have a meal for the next day and
can see if the sides improve.

The potato bun has a nice, neutral flavor and holds up well to the juiciness
of the burger, the garlic mayonnaise, and the tomato onion jam. Lightly
toasting it before assembling the burger adds another layer of flavor and texture.

20200911_202723_HDR - Copy

The potato wedges are simple to make and after you go through the process
once you will wonder why you do not make them more often. They are seasoned
with a “fry seasoning” adds just the right amount of spice and is 20
minutes of unattended cooking you end up with a delicious, starchy goodness
that goes well with this meal kit, but would also be at home with grilled
chicken, a barbeque or sandwiches. Like I said before, you will wonder why you do
not make them more often.

This meal kit costs out at about $9.00/meal and with the salad I added it
ended up being about $10.50/meal. The time I saved not having to shop for the
ingredients or look up recipes paid for the meal kit. Overall, it took about 30
minutes from prep to finished product. Not bad for something that takes a
simple burger to a whole other level.

I would recommend this @HelloFresh meal kit to anyone.

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