Baked “Wilbur” Beans

In my humble opinion, an almost perfect food.

If I owned a restaurant and could not make baked beans as good as these, I would not offer them on the menu.

Equally good with Mac-n-Cheese, roast chicken, brisket, pulled pork, catfish and ribs. Every mouthful of these beans is a blend of sweet, savory and tangy that begs to be savored slowly. Chunks of smoked sausage, beef and bacon rise up is a sea of saucy beans that are dotted with green pepper, jalapeño and onions that are sure to please. Such d delicious combination of flavors makes me wonder if there actually was a Wilbur who would bring these beans to family gatherings where aunts in their private little groups would complain about “Wilburs” beans and at the same time try to dissect the recipe so they could claim it as their own.

When you buy these beans, purchase twice as much as you think you will need.

If you don’t like baked beans…. I feel sorry for your tastebuds.

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