Famous Dave’s Coleslaw

Creamy, crunchy and tangy.

What else do I need to say about this wonderful side sold by the Famous Dave’s chain.

This coleslaw is about the best I have ever tasted. Always cold and with a satisfying crunch you don’t often find in some coleslaws. The shredded pieces of cabbage and carrot have a nice texture when you chew it. The sew and sour dressing is creamy and has a kick of horseradish, mustard and pepper. This coleslaw is the perfect counter to the rich barbecued meats they serve at Famous Dave’s. I would swear there is a splash of vinegar in it, but that might just be the horseradish.There are flecks of parsley and celery seed in it also.

I usually order extra because a side order never has enough for me and someone else.

I could make a meal of this sweet and sour coleslaw and Wilbur beans.

If you go to Famous Dave’s (or, due to current circumstances) you order pick up, do not forget to order the coleslaw!

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