Idahoan Loaded Potato Hearty Soup

Editorial Side Note: Ok folks, let’s count the number of fonts on the front of this package. I count six! Stop it. Just stop it! It hurts my eyes.

The only thing easier then making this soup would have been opening a can and heating the soup. Four cups of water brought to a boil and ten minutes later (five to cook and five to let rest before serving) you have two bowls of a decent cream of potato soup.

The soup smells delightful while it is cooking. Some sort of cheese scent and smokey bacon tones are present while it cooks. The soup thickens quickly so do NOT leave it unattended while cooking.

The instructions tell you to let the soup sit for five minutes before serving (probably to so the bits of dehydrated potato can absorb some moisture – more about that later).

The soup definitely has a cheese flavor, but it was had for me to put my finger on just what type it is. I recommend you make some of this soup and let me know what you think it is.

The soup has a smokey bacon flavor to it, but again, kind of in a strange way. Try it. You’ll see.

Now onto the dehydrated bits in the soup. These “chunks” have a unique sponginess to them. Not unpleasant, but they left me dwelling on them longer that I should have while eating the soup.

You might think from these comments that I did not like the soup. On the contrary, this soup is very pleasant with a welcome mix of flavors and the creamy/chewy textures in each spoonful.

The day I made the soup was cold and damp. This soup hit the spot and with a lite salad and crunchy bread made a nice meal.

I would definitely recommend this soup to anyone who likes cream of potato soup, but does not want to take the time to make homemade.

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