Mid 2012 MacBook Pro

About two months ago I saw a video on YouTube showing that you could upgrade a mid year 2012 MacBook Pro into something that would be nice to work on in 2019.

Not a big fan of the @Apple iOS I was still intrigued by the prospect. I searched on-line and found a reasonably priced model and after some searching on @Amazon I had the other parts and pieces needed to do the job.

I was a little frustrated (read very) that FedEx seemed unable to locate my address. I have had no issues in the past, but this package thwarted their best attempts at finding me. I finally had to drive into Madison, to the FedEx facility to pick it up myself.

When I got home and opened the box I could see some scuffs on the top lid and when I opened the clamshell there were some little nicks on the right hand side of the base. The keyboard, trackpad and display looked good.

I plugged the charger in and turned on the laptop.

It was very slow to boot up and the bezels of the display are rather large when I compared it to my work MacBook Pro, my home HP Spectre or even my Surface Pro 6. But for a seven year old machine, the display is crisp and sharp and it has a glossy finish that looks good.

I tried the keyboard out a little and then got down to business. I loaded YouTube on my Spectre and started the Macbook upgrade – 250GB SSD and 16GB of RAM. I had note purchased a replacement battery – I wanted to see if I would like the MacBook before I purchased that. It took me about 45 minutes to finish the upgrade because I wanted to be careful not to screw anything up and I had to clean the inside – should have been done by the reseller. Now that I have done it once it would probably take me about 15 minutes to do the upgrade.

Once all of the physical changes were made I inserted the thumb drive, turned on the MacBook and loaded the Catalina OS.

The change to SSD and the RAM upgrade have made a huge change to the boot time and how this machine handles tasks. Like night and day goes the saying.

I have to tell you, I am pleasantly surprised by how well this refurbished laptop works. The keyboard is very nice to type on. Key travel is very satisfying with a pleasant feel and sound. The track pad is also good. I must not be as perceptive as some who claim that the Apple Track Pad is second to none. To me it feels like the one on my 2016 HP Spectre.

I use the MacBook Pro mainly for this blog, but I see how Keynote, Numbers and Pages could work on a daily basis. Mail, Safari, Photos and Calendar seem fine. I only use them for this Blog and my Apple Account. On a side note; Garage Band has been fun to play with.

Overall I would say that it has been money well spent. While this experience has not swayed me to the Apple camp (there are too many excellent laptops running Windows for me to switch to a current Mac) I have come to understand why some people live and die with their Apple products.

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