Calabrese Salami & Marinated Peppers Thin Crust Pizza

I was in my local Pick n’ Save Yesterday morning, looking for things to review. The weather here in the Mid West was cold, damp and snowy. One of those days that makes you want to stay inside with a hearty soup or stew. So I was walking the isles thinking soups (later reviews) when I wound up in the freezer section.

Nothing was appealing to me until I happened upon a section in the pizzas that had the Private Selection label on them. I have tried this brand of hot dogs and liked the flavor and quality so thought I would give the pizza a try.

Private Selection is a private brand @Kroger offers at their stores. On the front of the box it states that this pizza is a product of Germany and that almost made me put it down. My first thought was, “How good could a pizza made in Germany and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean be for $6.00?” I needn’t have worried. If flavor is an indication for how good food stuffs from Germany can be @kroger should have more of the Private Selection items manufactured there.

The pizza is covered with salami, tiny red peppers, and flakes and shreds of cheese. It does not have the cardboard disk like most froze pizza do, instead having a unique open clear plastic bag/sleeve wrapped around it.

This pizza crust is prebaked allowing it to bake in a 420 degree oven for only ten to twelve minutes (I had to bake it the full twelve minutes). It bakes on the middle rack and does not require a sheet pan under it.

The crust is sourdough, has a delicious flavor, crisp texture and satisfying crunch. The salami is tasty, with a little kick, as are the peppers, pesto, and Grana Padano cheese. The ingredients taste like top notch ones and leads me to question why a pizza, made in Germany (and still competitively priced) can taste this good and ones made in the US use such poor quality ingredients?

While the pizza is high quality, the size is smaller than most comparably priced pies. To have a similar sized slice I needed to cut the pizza into only six pieces instead of the normal eight. Other than that, this frozen pizza is a better buy than most others.

A nice touch on the back of the box is a “Pair” section calling out how you can turn this pizza into more of a meal. I would recommend this pizza to anyone. Enjoy!

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