UNO Pizzeria & Grill

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression. I should have run when the waiter’s initials we’re “B. M.”. Went out to dinner with my youngest daughter and we decided to stop at this restaurant.

This place is NOT an Uno’s. The service is terrible. The person playing host sat us at a table that was covered with water. It looked like someone had removed glasses from the table and left all of the condensation behind along with spilled puddles of water. The host actually stopped, saw the water on the table, thought about (maybe) doing something (like wiping the table off) but instead set our menus down in the water. Now, keep in mind that the restaurant was not busy – there were 4-5 tables and as many servers. Luckily there is a roll of paper towels at each table (maybe so the staff doesn’t have to clean the tables before seating someone else at them) so we picked up the dripping menus and wiped them and the table off.

Strike One.

The server (B.M.) finally came over and took our drink and appetizer order. He seemed about as happy to see us as we had been when we were seated at our wet table. After about 5 minutes he (B.M) wandered back over and wanted to know if “he could get us anything?” (A new server?) We placed our pizza order and waited for the appetizer. And waited. And waited. He finally brought it out and plopped it on the table “Enjoy” and walked away.

Strike Two.

We ate the appetizer but didn’t want to eat too much because our pizza would be coming – (right!?!?!). So we talked and waited and talked some more and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, thinking our pizza must be coming soon, I asked to have the remainder boxed up. “Do you want me to do that in back or bring you the box?” Holy crap where do you find this class of people? I shook my head and told him to bring me the box. He came back with a box (fastest service of our dinner) and dropped the receipt on the table and started with the “you can pay me when you are ready.” To which I replied “Where’s our pizza?”

Strike Three.

The whole time we were there I never saw (B.M.) move that fast. Now if you have had the misfortune of visiting this restaurant you know that you can see into the kitchen. My daughter and I watched as (B.M.) and another server scrolled through the orders on the monitor. You guessed it. Our pizza order was not there. After many jerky movements (start to walk out of the kitchen, walk back in, stare at the monitor, walk back to the dining room) B.M. started to walk back to our table then thought better of it and fumbled his way to the register and yelled “You had the Numero Uno, right?”

Strike Four?

Wait. You don’t get four strikes.

Damn straight.

It went downhill from there. I can safely say that I will never go back. No apology. No offer to make things right. Google needs to make it so we can give negative stars when we review places like this. The only way this place can stay in business must be due to the close proximity of hotels with an abundance of guests that never return. I did not tip. I am hoping that B.M. realizes that he should not be waiting tables. I am hoping that he realizes that before someone else has to suffer through a meal at Uno’s with him.

Do Not Go There!

I can not recommend it.

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