Private Selection Natural Hardwood Smoked All-Beef Hot Dogs

Another product from the @kroger private label.

The hot dogs come five to a pack, are skinless, and smell like a typical all beef frank. After trying one it seems like a perfect fit for a grill, wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven, or slit down the middle and stuffed with cheese. This dog has a lot of flavor.

I heated a couple up in a sauté pan, they smelled good cooking, and were ready in about five minutes. I sampled one on its own to see what it tasted like and was pleasantly surprised.

@kroger, or whomever they have contracted with to manufacture these dogs, has a winner here. While this sausage does not have the same bite or snap as a natural skin dog, they have a flavor that puts them in the same league as Nathan’s or Hebrew National. They have a good beefy flavor and what tastes like mustard and a hint of nutmeg. Very good dog.

If you happen to be at a Pick n Save or Kroger I would recommend picking some of these dogs up. Not the cheapest sausage in the case, but well worth your money if you decide to try them.

They stand up well to pickles and mustard and taste great mixed in with baked beans. After all, you get what you pay for.

I would recommend the Private Selection Natural Hardwood Smoked All-Beef Hot Dogs to anyone.

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