Depending on where you look they rank as the number one breakfast item or all the way to number six.

In restaurants they can be delicious, light and fluffy or down right disgusting.

At home they can be the same.

I have tried different mixes and recipes and the Hungry Jack Complete Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle mix makes a good pancake. The mix is easy to make and works best if you don’t overtax it. You let it rest a couple of minutes and you’re ready to go.

The pancakes produced are light and fluffy and have a good flavor. They absorb syrup but can break down if you put too much on.

If you make them thin you get a good base for pigs in a blanket. Make them the the size of a coffee cup and you get silver dollar pancakes. Any way you make them these cakes are good.

I can recommend this pancake mix to anyone.

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