DiGiorno Four Meat Pizza

It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno. Has anyone, not in a commercial, ever mistaken a frozen pizza for delivery? Or, maybe the better question would be: what the heck kind of pizza are you ordering if it is no better than a frozen pizza?

This is not meant as a dig towards DiGiorno (or, maybe if you make that claim it is). Lord knows I have eaten my share of DiGiorno pizzas in my lifetime. You had better come with quality over the top when you make this claim.

The pizza I purchased looked like it had been manhandled. All of the toppings were almost exclusively in one corner of the pizza. I redistributed the toppings over the surface of the pizza before baking.

Like most frozen pizzas, The DiGiorno Thin Crust bakes in a 400 degree oven on the middle rack. I do find it telling of the kind of society we live in, that there needs to be a warning on the box to “NOT EAT PIZZA WITHOUT COOKING.” Scary.

The baking time is from 15 to 17 minutes so I set the timer for 15 minutes and turned the pizza half way through. My oven tends to be hotter towards the back so I need to turn things to have them brown evenly. After 15 minutes the pizza still looked a little pale so I set the timer for two more minutes.

Overall the pizza looked good. Evenly browned and the crust was crisp from edge to edge. Crust is crisp but not brittle leaving very little crumb when it was cut. It had a good flavor.

The “Sausage” listed first under “Four Meat” is called out as “Cooked Seasoned Pizza Topping” in the list of ingredients. It is a blend of pork and chicken and not bad. It is not a spongey as some sausage on frozen pizza can be. It also was not over powered with fennel flavor.

The Pepperoni is a blend of pork, chicken, and beef. It is tasty and has a little bit of cupping after baking. It also crisps up on the edges for a nice added texture.

The Canadian bacon has pleasant ham flavor. I am not a big fan of Canadian bacon, but this wasn’t bad. It adds a chewy texture to the toppings.

The bacon adds a smoky flavor. And let’s face it, what isn’t better with bacon on it.

The tomato paste on the pizza has a bitter flavor to it and is low point for this pizza. After baking it has a gummy mouth feel that almost feels gritty. The raw tomato flavor also seems plain and lacking.

The only cheese on the pizza is Mozzarella. This isn’t a bad thing. It browns nicely and has a good flavor. There is no stretch or pull to the cheese like the box shows. Maybe I baked mine too long.

One of the nice things that is called out in two places on the box back is that you may want to have the pizza with a salad. A good reminder for me.

I would recommend this pizza to anyone looking for a snack or light side to go with a salad. If you’re looking for delivery though, you’ll have to pick up the phone and wait.

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