Kroger Crispy Thin Crust Sicilian Recipe Pizza

Frozen pizza. Not the inexpensive alternative to takeout or delivery that it once was. Most still sell for about half of what you pay at a chain pizzeria. One that I saw in the frozen section was $15.00 for what I would call an uncooked, medium, one topping pizza. That review will have to wait for a time when I can convince myself to pay that much for an uncooked pizza.

My main grocery chain is Pick-N-Save. There is a Piggly Wiggly in the town I live in, but I only shop there if absolutely necessary (whole other story). Kroger is the parent company and they have a line of brand name pizzas that I have been meaning to try. The packaging is on par with other brands and the pricing is similar (or slightly less than) the more popular brands.

Something that I have not seen with other frozen pizzas is this one cooks on the top rack of the oven. Temperature is the normal 400 degrees with the time varying from 16 to 19 minutes. I started out setting the timer for 16 minutes to make sure it did not over bake. I turned mine half way through the cooking process because my oven tends to be hotter in the back. At 16 minutes the pizza was still a little pale so I let it go another three minutes and it gained the extra color I was looking for. The instruction state that you should let the pizza rest 5 minutes before slicing so I did.

The pizza looked good coming out of the oven. Dark coloring along the back of the pizza – fault of my oven not the pizza. It smelled similar to other frozen pizzas with maybe a hint of more fennel. The crust was crisp but not brittle when I cut into it. Leaving very few crumbs on the cutting board.

The Italian sausage is that spongy, fennel flavored stuff you find in frozen lasagna or ravioli. It is just ok, but lacks good flavor. I found myself picking it off and eating the rest of the pizza. This is an area that could be improved upon.

The Capicola ham is ok. The thin slices were evenly distributed across the surface and did not cup during baking. The flavor was pleasant. Much better than the Italian sausage.

The Genoa salami is a beef and pork product and diced. Don’t know if this is so the consumer can see there are three separate meats or for texture and coverage. This meat also has better flavor than the Italian sausage. After baking it had a firm but wasn’t hard or dry.

The tomato sauce is another part of this pizza that is good. It has good tomato flavor with a slight sweetness. There is a good amount spread over the crust but not too much.

The cheese is a combination of Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, and Romano. There is no cheese stretch/pull like you find on to out pizza, but there is enough. It was also nice to see a blend of cheeses as opposed to the usual solo Mozzarella on most frozen pizzas.

Overall this was a decent frozen pizza. If @kroger would opt for a better Italian sausage it would be a favorite of mine. If you are in search of a three meat pizza with good Italian sausage look elsewhere. If you’re looking for an inexpensive pizza for a snack then I can recommend this one to you.

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