I Love…

Ah, those three little words. They say what we all want and need to hear.

Every day they should be at the top of our priority list.

There’s a feeling of pleasure that comes from saying them freely, without having to be asked.

It’s not about a lack of self-esteem or insecurity.

It’s about expressing how beautiful and amazing something can be.

I Love Bacon. Amo el tocino. Miluji slaninu. J’adore le bacon. Ich mag Speck.

No matter how you say it, they’re the three little words every pork producer wants to hear. Yes, these three little, yet so powerful words need to be used wisely. Because, in this day and age, anyone can say they love bacon, but whether they truly believe it makes them even more powerful.

Farmland Foods has been making great-tasting food since 1958. They have a great item with their Hickory Smoked Extra Thick Cut Bacon. It’s smokey, salty, savory flavor is a great addition to your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Coming from a restaurant background, I like cooking bacon on a foil covered cookie sheet. It only takes about 10-15 minutes and cleanup is a breeze. The pound package from Farmland filed a cookie sheet without overcrowding and there was a nice ratio of meat to fat in each slice.


I like my bacon cooked. Nothing worse than a limp, rubbery piece of bacon. On the other hand, I don’t want it crisp or burnt so it crumbles when I pick it up. Draining the bacon on a paper towel lined dinner plate will keep the bacon at from congealing on the slices.

Their is a distinct saltiness to this bacon. At first it may seem too salty, but when paired with sweet pancakes or fried eggs that saltiness is a welcome counterpoint. I have had this bacon as a side at breakfast, crumbled on a salad or added to a sandwich at lunch, or wrapped around a chicken breast, pork chop or steak and never been disappointed.

I would recommend this product if you truly love bacon.

“I can’t think of anything more noble to go to war over, than bacon and eggs.” R.Swanson https://youtu.be/kjR0AYf4pSM

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