Pesto Ravioli with Spicy Italian Sausage

This dinner was very tasty.

Everything in this frozen dinner is contained in one package.

The cook time is about 6 minutes from freezer to plate for this entree.

The pesto is tasty with a slight grittiness and the ravioli has a nice texture to it. To the teeth, bite to it. The Italian sausage pieces are very small, not very spicy, and not very plentiful. As you can see it is oily, like I would expect from a pesto, and coats the pasta well.

I would consider this more of a side dish than a center of the plate meal. Something that you would split with a friend that would go nicely with a grilled chicken breast or steak and some asparagus or green beans. Or maybe, served after a hearty salad with a good crusty bread.

On it’s own this pasta dish is ok. The flavors are pleasant. The textures are welcome. The cook time was great.The portion size… is ok. What can I say? You eat some pasta, every once in a while you find a piece of sausage, then you eat some more pasta. I want to enjoy myself while eating, not have to hunt around to see if everything was included with my meal.

When I look at the picture on the box there is a plentiful pile of pasta covered by nicely browned sausage chunks. I mean, look at the fork on the cover. You would swear there is so much sausage that it will be falling of every bite you take. Instead, what you actually experience is a plentiful pile of pasta and a skimpy amount of disappointing grey sausage bits. My suggestion would be to add more chunks of browned sausage and charge me more for the final product. As it is right now I would only recommend this as a very tasty side dish.

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