The Best Stuff on Earth!

[Not really a review]

First let me begin by stating that I am NOT a tea drinker. In the chilly winter months, when I feel a cold coming on and my throat is a little sore, I do not reach for a Lipton teabag with honey and lemon. When the dog days of summer arrive I do not great them with a large glass jar of sun tea. The slightly astringent drink has never appealed to me in its hot or cold state. When my parents encouraged me to try it the smell caused a gag reflex. As beverages go; it is not my cup of tea.

That would all change.

Several years ago i was introduced to Snapple products. Tasty juices that I enjoyed ice cold. People told me how good the teas were. How much I would like them. How much I was missing by not drinking them. I would laugh and make some comment about how I knew exactly what I was missing.


15733990-C68A-47F2-BD3E-C1FC0CD6D88E_1_201_aThen, one particularly warm summer day I was working up a thirst. The water on site was lukewarm (almost as bad as tea) and the only other drinks that were cold were Coke, Diet Coke, and Snapple Peach Tea.

I’m a Pepsi drinker from way back so I figured I would take some of the lukewarm water and use the ice the other drinks were floating in to quench my thirst. Upon further examination I noticed there were pieces of grass, a small twig, half a leaf, and a generous sprinkling of dirt. Apparently the drink chests were the volunteer’s choice for hand washing.

I found a couple of the less contaminated chunks of ice and sucked on them. This was not going to work. The ice only made the desire for something to drink even greater.

I tried a sip of Coke. It was like drinking battery acid. There was no way that would work.

I picked up one of the glass bottles of Snapple Peach Tea. The ice water it had been floating in was doing it’s best to remove the label. I used my nail to pick at it. I twisted the top and it popped open. I took a sniff. The aroma of peaches hit my nostrils. I could hardly smell any tea. I took a sip. The tangy flavor of cold peaches danced across my tastebuds with only a mild hint of tea. Not bad. Not bad indeed.

Snapple Peach Tea has become a favorite of mine. On hot days it is nice to sip on one that is ice cold. The flavor goes well with bar-b-que and grilled meats. And, although I no longer drink, I bet this would go well with vodka. I recommend Snapple Peach Tea.

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