Loaded Potatoes

I guess that I can’t be mad. The package does say “Loaded Potatoes” first on the label. And, if you strain your eyes, you can just make out the word “with” in a spiderweb skinny font and then the BIG, BOLD “ANGUS BEEF & BACON”.

Then, when you look at the description off to the right; Chunky Queso, Angus Beef, and Applewood Smoked Bacon are listed in a large, bold font while the potatoes portion is in a font that is small.

But enough of the labeling critique.

The potatoes still have some structure to them and the queso sauce (though not chunky) is tasty and has a slight kick to it.

I didn’t find or taste much applewood smoked bacon while I was eating the potatoes so that was disappointing.

The Angus beef, although small in portion size, was full of flavor. I could tell it was chuck roast right away. It was very tender and the queso was a good compliment to it.

The dinner cook time was about 3 minutes 45 seconds and a 2 minute wait time before you dig in.

I would not purchase this frozen dinner again unless it was on sale. It is not worth it for what is basically a side dish.

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