Surface Pro 6

About three years ago I had picked up a Refurbished Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft and with the Type Cover and Pen it was a good tool. But after the warranty had expired it started acting up, places on the screen would respond to the Surface Pen but not my finger. In short, my Surface Pro 3 went from a great device to an annoyingly frustrating thing to use.

So, I purchased a HP Spectre x360 15 to fill the void about 18 months ago. I wanted a device that could be used at work and home. The company that I work for is Apple centric and, after using a touch screen for everything else, it is frustrating that was forced to use a mouse/touch pad with my Apple laptop. The Spectre works like a charm and I carried it back and forth to work everyday and, although I could convert it to a “tablet”, it never really replaced the wonderful feel the Surface had when I needed to take notes or mark up a pdf. There is a certain inner joy I got from folding the Type Cover over and using the Surface Pen to jot down a note or redline a CAD plan and send it to a co-worker.

So, after much inner debate (I have a perfectly good 2 in 1 I don’t need another) I convinced myself that I could purchase the low end Surface Pro 6 with core i5 and 128GB of storage (I have a 256GB micro sd card for additional storage).

Let me tell you, it’s good to be back.

I am able to use my old Surface Type Cover when I want to have a laptop, but I did pick up the new Surface Pen (it was on sale) and it is so much fun to use this device. Combine it with OneNote for note taking and Xodo for marking up pdf’s and it’s very hard to use Apple.

I don’t do graphic intensive things with the Surface Pro 6, I couldn’t justify the price when I have the Spectre to do my heavy lifting, so it works fine for me. I spent less for the Surface Pro 6 and Pen then I would have for an iPad Pro and can do more.

I can see where the Surface Pro 6 is not for everyone. For me though, it hits a sweet spot that I appreciate. The old pen and paper note taker is satisfied while OneNote allows for the unlimited space that only technology can. I would recommend at least trying a Surface and see if you like it.

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