Chicken Margherita with Balsamic

Pictures lie.

There, the truth is out.

I know, you are shocked by this revelation.

Ok. Enough of the sarcasm. To say I was let down by the difference between the picture on the packaging and what the end product looked like would be an understatement.

Looks like a lot of chicken, right?

When you look at the box you would think there will be quite a bit of chicken in this frozen dinner, along with some pasta, tomatoes, and sauce. Well think again. The ratio of chicken to other ingredients is nothing like it appears.

Not quite the same

The only way that I could get reality and perception to appear close was by cropping the picture for a tight closeup. Most of the grilled chicken breast in the dinner were the size of my pinky nail – compare them with the tomato pieces.

So how was the dinner? Eh, it was ok for a frozen dinner. The pasta is ok. It sticks together and has no bite to it. The tomatoes are the product of the freezing process – the skin is tough, the flesh is mush, and the flavor is lacking. The chicken is lacking, not only in quantity, but also in flavor. If there were any grill marks on the flesh I could not find them. If you flip the box over there is a beauty shot of a chicken breast with colorful grill marks. The picture is the only appearance it made.

The sauce was alright. Sweet and tart with a hint of garlic and basil. There was enough to cover the main ingredients and lend color to the chicken.

I would give this a 1 out of 5 stars. I’m trying to keep in mind that this is a frozen dinner, with certain nutritional values that Conagra is trying hit, but this is disappointing. It might be alright for a lite lunch, but if you have an appetite and plan on eating it for dinner, have a salad and plenty of bread with it.

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