Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara

Another offering from Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers, the Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara is better than the previous selection I sampled.


The dry and wet ingredients are separated from each other by the plastic packaging. The Ravioli, chicken, spinach, and chunks of tomato steam above the marinara as you heat the dinner. This keeps them from getting soggy and allows you to plate the dry items before adding the sauce. I like this because it allows for the best-looking meal experience.


The spinach is frozen spinach – about as close to water as a green leafy vegetable can get without actually being water. This isn’t a knock at Healthy Choice, more my dislike of frozen spinach in general.

The pasta is good, flavorful even. You can taste the cheese and the noodles have a pleasant texture when you bite into them.

The chicken has more flavor than that in my previous review, but still lacks the flavor of something you would grill or saute yourself.

The marinara sauce is slightly sweet and has a nice flavor. It clings the dry ingredients which is nice.


I would probably purchase this frozen dinner in the future. It’s a good value for something that is ready to go from freezer to plate in about 5 minutes. Pair it up with some garlic bread and it can be a decent meal.

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